Crystal Thomas Mosaic Art
"Family Tree" mosaic class
In this class, you’ll get all the instruction and materials you need to create your own unique mosaic tree, whether it be a traditional family tree, a memorial for a loved one, or a sentimental gift—for your family, a birthday, an anniversary, Valentine’s Day… the possibilities are endless.

* We’ll start with a high-quality 12x12 framed wood panel, custom-made for our class.
* You’ll paint the background or create a collage out of scrapbook paper (I will offer a nice selection), your own photos, old love letters, ticket stubs… anything you can think of!
* You will then create your tree out of stained glass, decorate it with items (that you provide) significant to you, your family, or a loved one, such as photos, jewelry, pins, charms, dog tags, etc., along with a provided selection of glass, beads, and glass and ceramic leaves.

Attached is a tree mosaic that I made for my mother recently, using mementos from her family and childhood. Your tree could look like this, or something wildly different!

7 hours over two Saturdays, plus "homework":

* Sat., February 6, 1-5 pm (glassing)
* Sat., February 13, 2-5 pm (grouting)

$120. Includes all materials, except your personal mementos. You have the option buy your own wheeled nippers for $15. Snacks and good company included! :-)

Contact me if you’d like to sign up! A $20 PayPal deposit holds your spot.
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