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Mosaic Garden Globe Substrate TutorialBeginner's Guide to Mosaic ArtMosaic Flower TutorialAndamento & Keystoning E-WorkshopAndamento, Keystoning, and Flowers + Crystal’s Top 5 Tips Mosaic Skulls 101: PDF Tutorial
Five mosaic tutorials to choose from!

Beginner's Guide to Mosaic Art
Mosaic Skulls 101
Andamento and Keystoning e-Workshop
Mosaic Flower Tutorial
Garden Globe Tutorial

If you buy BOTH the Andamento/Keystoning workshop and the Flower tutorial, you get a discount AND a free copy of my Top 5 Tips

All tutorials now available exclusively through Maryland Mosaics!


"Crystal's e-tutes ROCK! If you aren't good at keystoning, hers is the best explanation I've seen."

"They created a major break through for me in keystoning. Now I am sailing away with it!"

"Thanks, Crystal. The tutorial is very well written. I had zero urges to edit!!"

"I wanted to tell you thank you so much for being so generous and helpful...if it wasn't for the sharing of your knowledge I wouldn't have picked up so many tips that has made it much easier for me...I did take a beginners class too before I came across your site but, I only learned the basics...Your tutorial on Mosaic cow skulls is what really helped me on my skulls...Thank you again...Your work is awesome! "

"I just read your tutorial on andamento and keystoning. Love the way you describe the steps and the visuals are very helpful! I can wait to start reading the flower tutorial!!!"

Review by artist Kim Grant